Stärke’s electric counterbalanced forklifts bring bold improvement to the market with significant reductions in total operating costs, while improving truck performance, efficiency and productivity.

Starke XVI series four-wheel and three-wheel electric forklifts feature new and innovative design and engineering ideas that show Starke’s commitment to fulfilling customer needs, conserving our environment, and reducing costs of ownership.

With a distinct European flare, German engineering and Italian electronics, the Energy XVI Series offers distinct advantages over the competition.

AC motors provide a smooth and quick response and require less maintenance than other options. Dual rear wheels provide for superior safety & stability.

The best sightlines in the industry combined with a spacious cabinet and ergonomically designed control levers make for easy, accurate operation and comfort, reducing operator fatigue.

All Stärke AC Electric Forklifts are available in traditional cushion tires, for indoor / warehouse applications where tight turning radius’ and maneuverability and most important, or pneumatic / resilient pneumatic tires for indoor and outdoor applications where rough and uneven terrain poses more of a challenge.


  • Equipment Type
    Electric Forklift
  • Model
    Energy XVI FB18-35
  • Capacity
    3,500 - 7,000lbs.
  • Motor
  • Lift Height
    78.7" - 236.0"
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